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Suwanee Pediatrics


 Suwanee Pediatrics offers a wide range of specialties and services, ensuring that all of your child’s needs are met. Please follow the links below for detailed information on each of the services we provide. 



 We recommended adherence to the AAP (American Academy of pediatrics) Guidelines and schedule of administration vaccines. In terms of Breaking up vaccines to accommodate parents preferences that can be discussed your medical Doctor/ Nurse practitioners. We do not offer services to non-immunized children. 

Allergy and Asthma Care


 Allergy testing to major allergens available including foods, grasses, dust, pet dancer, weeds etc. Immunotherapy (“Allergy Shots”) individualised to each person also available. “Asthma Test” / Spirometry / Lung Function Test available. Epipen / Auviq education and teaching via video and face to face instruction followed by training. Allergy and Asthma care education by dedicated […] 

Sick Care Visit


 Since October 11, 1999, when we first opened our doors to start serving you and our community, “our same day sick visit appointment” policy still holds strong. Please call ahead. No new appointments are available the last 1hour of the day. For all emergencies call 911. Urgent visits and minor trauma call 404 785 kids […] 

Wellness Check Up Appointments


 Recommended Time Intervals Newborn visits (Age 0-28 days) 1 month wellness check 2 months wellness check 4 months wellness check 6 months wellness check 9 months wellness check 12 months wellness check 15 months wellness check 18 months wellness check 24 months wellness check 30 months wellness check 3 years wellness check 4 years pre-kindergarten […] 

Education Related Concern Visits


 Sleep concerns (which do affect academic performance to varying degrees) Failing grades Underachievement Focus / Attention Concerns Conduct issues The myriad of social wealth, environmental, cultural issues that do impact in a child’s success and achievements in life. 

Ear Lavage/ Boutique OTIC


 We have professional salon -type of care for cerumen ear wax removal. Foreign body removal etc. with viewing with our fiberoptic Technology on big screen tv. Ear and hearing tests include Otoacoustic Emission Testing. Audiometry and ear pro tympanometer independence training. The direct viewing 

Adolescent Care


 Adolescents have many health and social concerns unique to this time and pivotal to the entirety of their adult life in many cases. A consistently comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and care of all concerns is key. 

Adult Care Services


 Care for minor acute illnesses available (Please call ahead for appointment availability) 



 Excellent Skin care Individualized Maintenance Regimen offered by our board Certified Pediatrician 

Laboratory/ Diagnostic


 Radio-diagnostic Services / Xray Services Spirometry Services/ *Asthma Test* / Lung Function Test. Complete Lipid Panel (Includes Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL) Blood Glucose Test “Anemia Test” (Hemoglobin/ Hematocrits Test) Pregnancy Test Complete Urinalysis Blood Draws done on site for more complex send out labs to Quest Diagnostic or Gwinnett Medical Center